Get truly diversified by going
beyond just stocks & bonds

Our model portfolio uses an optimized mix of ten assets classes, including stocks from the US, Europe, Asia, and the Emerging Markets, as well as Treasury Bonds, TIPs, REITs, commodities, and gold. The result: you'll get the maximum benefits of diversification, and something in your portfolio will prosper no matter what kind of economy the world throws at us in the future.

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Weather the next bear market
with a dynamic portfolio

Whether the next financial crisis comes in 2017 or 2027, you'll want to be protected. That's why we use Nobel-Prize winning research to make real-time adjustments to our model's asset allocation, steering out of risky assets before the worst of the storm. Some say it's foolish to "time" the market. We say that after 20 years of bubbles, crises, and hysterias, it’s long past time to stop pretending that the market is always right.

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Save a fortune in fees by
investing the modern way

Paying high fees for mediocre mutual funds is a quintessentially 20th century way to invest. It’s also the surest way to put a brake on the miracle of compound returns. By charging a low and flat fee and recommending the lowest-cost ETFs in the world, we keep more of your money where it belongs -- growing for the future.

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