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November Newsletter: Deficits, Debt, and Mispriced Political Risk

At the forefront of everyone's minds, for the second time this year, is whether the recent bit of market turbulence is the start of the "next big one" -- i.e. the latest "crash", following the .com bubble bursting in 2000 and the Global Financial...

Dollar Cost Averaging

Where we stand 10 years later: A decade after the financial crisis

It's been said that those that fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it. I think this is probably true -- but in the markets, the contrapositive, which goes something like "Those that oversimplify history too quickly are...

Investing Change

August Newsletter: Tectonic Shifts Brewing

It must be a human temptation to always believe that one is living in a pivotal era, an inflection-point for the world, a time when "everything is about to change." It's the ultimate ego-centrism. 

Yet since the time I am able to remember,...


Emerging Markets: A Compelling Value Opportunity?

Emerging markets have a conundrum for investors. In the first decade of this century, EM markets were high-flying with the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) all the talk of the finance world. As always, as soon as people starting talking...

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June Newsletter: Taking Stock of the Trump Tradewar

With the S&P 500 still more than 100 points off its all-time high of earlier this year and international faring even worse, there are still considerable jitters in the financial world, despite a recovery in market performance since the...


May Newsletter: The AI Revolution

In 1997 the computer "Deep Blue" beat Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in a best-of-seven match, proving machine supremacy over the best human chess player for the first time in history. Deep Blue was the culmination of more than a decade of work...

New Rules

April Newsletter: Taking Stock of Valuations

Stock markets have been noticeably more volatile lately -- but why?

Last month, we examined some possible underlying causes of the recent turbluence in the stock market, focusing on the state of the overall economy. We determined that while there...


March Newsletter Pt 1: The Return of the Gorilla

Writing a newsletter that takes the “rational” approach to investing has its tough moments. Alarmist financial news sells for a reason – it’s novel, it provokes an emotional response, it plays to the cascading waves of fear and greed that all...

New Rules

January Newsletter: Long-term Returns

A foundational principle of IvyVest is that for most investors, there is a "95-5" rule in investing. Put simply: 95% of your results will come from what, to at least most investors, is 5% of your efforts. The 5% that the data proves really...

December Newsletter

December Newsletter: Taking Stock of 2017

As we write this we are counting down the hours left in 2017, which among other things means we are well into the annual season where prognosticators everywhere make mostly-bad predictions about the year ahead. We say mostly-bad because there is...