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August Newsletter: Are Emerging Markets Re-Emerging as Market Leaders?

At IvyVest, we believe in investing in a variety of markets around the world in order to maximize the benefits of diversification. If, for instance, you happen to be living in Japan and the Japanese stock market suffers a twenty-five-year cold...

Roller Coaster

July Newsletter: Cryptocurrency takes off

Bubbles, speculation, fiat currencies, the Federal Reserve, and the nature of money and assets. These and more are some of the tantalizing reasons we couldn’t resist talking about bitcoin way back in 2013 (the last time it was going through a...

Expected Returns

May Newsletter: Whither the rest-of-the-world?

Follow the investing world for a couple decades, and you are sure to notice that at some point ideas seem to flow in and out of favor like prolonged and somewhat erratic seasons. There's a season for worrying about resource shortages, a season...


Taxes, Trade, and Growth

Usually we like to steer clear of topics that are too “newsish” here. Partly that’s because we have long believed that following the “noise” of the headlines first is a good way to lose money investing. The news media is incentivized to get you to...

March Newsletter

Are we in a bubble yet? Checking in on stock market valuations

As we are writing this, the stock market has backed off a little from its highs and the financial press is again starting to talk about risk being “back.” Nevertheless, over the last six years the U.S. stock market has moved markedly higher. The...

Renewable Energy For Winter 1920x1080

February Newsletter: Re-examining alternative energy

A semi-recurring theme of IvyVest newsletters is the price of energy, which we have written about several times before.

We’re fascinated by the price of energy for two chief reasons. As a raw material in the cost of just about every good produced...


January Newsletter: Predicting questions

Last month we embarked on our annual tradition of "predicting" the key questions that 2017 might answer (rather than their answers, which are yet to be determined). In part 2 of this series, this month we look back at the questions we "predicted"...

Year End 300x232

Can President Trump create (economic) regime change?

It's the time of the year the financial press loves to make predictions about the coming year, despite the fact that countless studies show it has no-more-than-random ability to predict much. 

At IvyVest, we have made it a tradition to turn...


November Newsletter: Is Smart Beta a smart idea?

The obvious topic for this newsletter would be the proverbial elephant in the room: the surprising election of Donald Trump and its surprising impact on the US stock market, which initially plummeted only to rapidly regain its footing and go on to...

Seasons Of Investing

October Newsletter

With much of the world's attention this month focused on conspiracy theories, email scandals, and bitter partisian threats, we thought we'd differentiate ourselves by writing about a topic that represents everything the current election is not...