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Introducing the IvyVest Dynamic ETF Strategy

“I have $60,000 that has been building up in my checking account. What should I do with it?”

At its essence, that is the $60,000 question that we built the IvyVest premium service to answer. At the start, we set one rule: our "answer" was not...


Tactical Asset Allocation: a Strategy to Stay Ahead of the Herd

In the last article, we wrote about strategic asset allocation (SAA), which is the first major camp in the asset allocation world, and is still recommended by the majority of financial advisors and investing gurus. But not everyone agrees with the tenets of SAA.

Opponents to SAA mostly coalesce around some form of what is called tactical asset allocation, or TAA. This article will look at a broad overview of the TAA world, looking at what it is and how it has been practiced in the past.


Behavioral Investing: How to Use the Principles of Behavioral Finance To Make Money

Reading fun psychological experiments and understanding the market from a theoretical perspective is all well and good, but at some point the goal of investing is quite simple: to make money. This article will look at different ways that you can employ the principles of behavioral investing to achieve that ever-so-righteous goal.


What Goes Up, Continues to Go Up? A Beginner's Guide to Profitable Momentum Investing

A glut of evidence has indicated that stock market prices are not random, but instead exhibit momentum, with past "winners" continuing to outperform past "losers" into the future. 

Will Momentum Still Work

Will Momentum Continue to Work in the Future?

To survive in the stock market, you should generally be highly skeptical about the existence of seemingly surefire ways to “beat” the stock market. So should you be wary of investing in "momentum" strategies?