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How to Calculate the Total Annual Costs of Owning an ETF (and make sure you are using the optimal one)

In the past few years, the number of high quality Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) available to the average investor has increased dramatically. As always, the additional choices come with a tradeoff: there are better options than ever before, but...


How to Analyze a Fund or ETF

You're just starting to get into investing now and have some old "legacy" mutual funds sitting in your account from way back when. What should you do with them?

Your mother calls and asks you whether she should keep the mutual fund that she owns...

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The Age of the Mutual Fund is Over

For the past forty years, if you wanted to buy a diversified portfolio for retirement, your search pretty much started and ended with a mutual fund.

From 1975 to 2007, the total assets in mutual funds increased from $37.5 billion to $6.4 trillion,...


Asset Allocation: What It Is, and Why Thinking About It Will Make You Richer

When most people talk about investing, they are talking about the stock market, and specifically about individual common stocks within the stock market. The news is dominated by coverage of the Apple's, Google's and Starbucks' of the world.

But it turns out that what what is arguably several times more important than what stocks you own in your portfolio is how much of your portfolio is in stocks and how much of it is in bonds, commodities, real estate, cash or something else.

This article will look at this question by introducing the field of asset allocation, talking about what it is and why it important.

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Mutual Funds, ETFs, VC, and More: A Survey of the Landscape of Financial Products

It would be foolish to go shopping for a new automobile without understanding the basic difference between a sports car, an SUV, a pickup truck, and a minivan. Yet many people today do go shopping for investment funds without really understanding the categories available to them. This article surveys the investment landscape and looks at what mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, and private-equity funds actually are.