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Tactical Asset Allocation: a Strategy to Stay Ahead of the Herd

In the last article, we wrote about strategic asset allocation (SAA), which is the first major camp in the asset allocation world, and is still recommended by the majority of financial advisors and investing gurus. But not everyone agrees with the tenets of SAA.

Opponents to SAA mostly coalesce around some form of what is called tactical asset allocation, or TAA. This article will look at a broad overview of the TAA world, looking at what it is and how it has been practiced in the past.

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The Market Will Inevitably Fall Off a Cliff Again Sometime - Here's How To Make Sure Your Bungee Cord is Fastened

Anyone with money invested in the stock market has to be prepared to suffer a sudden loss of capital, like "Black Monday" when stock markets fell over 20% in one single day. Some smart risk management techniques can reduce your risk of getting hit by what has been called a "black swan" event.