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The Most Important (and Tragically Neglected) Four Letter Word In All of Finance

One of the best ways that I have found to get acquainted with the strategies of some of the top hedge fund managers and traders in the world is to read the classic Market Wizards series of books. Author and trader Jack Schwager has...

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Do you Know How Risky Your Investments Are? Here's One Way To Figure That Out

In finance, risk has a very precise definition - the standard deviation of returns, also called "volatility". Standard deviation is a mathematical calculation that looks at how widely a series of data "moves around" from its trend-line average.

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How To Temper the Swings of Your Portfolio... and Sleep Better At Night

When it comes to investors, you have people like Warren Buffett, and then you have people like my cousin John. Studies show that most investors are more like the latter.

Buffett is, of course, the famous investor who become one of the richest...