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Why Smart People Do Dumb Things with Their Money

Like most people I think, everything that I can ever remember doing has seemed perfectly rational to me... at the second I was doing it. Reflecting years later... not so much. I won't go into details here, but you can use your imagination or look...


Why the Stock Market Sometimes Has The Maturity Level of a 5 Year Old: An Intro To Market Anomalies

As human beings, we are attached to stories, perhaps irrationally so. In what Nassim Taleb calls the "narrative bias," we are really good at crafting a logically tight story to explain nearly anything -- but only after it has already happened!...


Behavioral Investing: How to Use the Principles of Behavioral Finance To Make Money

Reading fun psychological experiments and understanding the market from a theoretical perspective is all well and good, but at some point the goal of investing is quite simple: to make money. This article will look at different ways that you can employ the principles of behavioral investing to achieve that ever-so-righteous goal.


What Goes Up, Continues to Go Up? A Beginner's Guide to Profitable Momentum Investing

A glut of evidence has indicated that stock market prices are not random, but instead exhibit momentum, with past "winners" continuing to outperform past "losers" into the future. 

Will Momentum Still Work

Will Momentum Continue to Work in the Future?

To survive in the stock market, you should generally be highly skeptical about the existence of seemingly surefire ways to “beat” the stock market. So should you be wary of investing in "momentum" strategies?


The ETF: A Primer on the Most Exciting New Three Letters in Finance

The most intelligently conceived asset-allocation does little good unless it is actually implemented somewhere in an investor's portfolio. In the past, investors had to go to mutual funds to implement a diversified asset allocation. But today, they have a great new option in the form of exchanged traded funds, or ETFs as they are ubiquitously known.

ETFs have become the cool new kids on the block in the financial world lately - and with good reason. They can be great instruments for individual investors to get low-cost exposure to the markets. This article will look at what ETFs are, how they are classified, and what you should consider in picking one.

Portfolio Rebalancing

You've Selected A Great Portfolio - Now What? Best Practices for Rebalancing

By now you probably know that setting your portfolio's asset allocation is the most essential act you will perform as an investor.  What you might not have thought about is that after laying a perfect plan and figuring out all the numbers to...


How to Legally Reduce Your Tax Bill with Tax-Loss Harvesting

Investing in a tax deferred account is always optimal, but it's not always possible. There's only so much money you can put into them every year, and even if you aren't maxing out your IRA and 401(k), it usually makes sense to have open an account...

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Retirement Planning 101: Are You Saving Enough?

How much should you be saving to meet your goals? At your current path, will you run out of money before you die? 

These are difficult questions to answer because they involve layering cascades of uncertainty:

  • You can't know how long you...

How to Use Monte Carlo Analysis to Assess the Probability of Meeting Your Lifetime Goals

In a previous article, we discussed how risk in the investing world can take on many different forms. One type of risk that often gets left out of the discussion is the ultimate risk that you really should care about: the possibility that you...