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Retirement Planning 101: Are You Saving Enough?

How much should you be saving to meet your goals? At your current path, will you run out of money before you die? 

These are difficult questions to answer because they involve layering cascades of uncertainty:

  • You can't know how long you...

How to Use Monte Carlo Analysis to Assess the Probability of Meeting Your Lifetime Goals

In a previous article, we discussed how risk in the investing world can take on many different forms. One type of risk that often gets left out of the discussion is the ultimate risk that you really should care about: the possibility that you...

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When a Firm Handshake and Nice Smile Isn't Enough: How to Get Good Advice and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

In the 2000 movie "Boiler Room," Seth Davis is a 19-year old college dropout who joins a New York brokerage shop in order to strike it rich and make his father proud. Along the way, Seth learns how to cold-call the Wall Street way, and finds he...

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Mutual Funds, ETFs, VC, and More: A Survey of the Landscape of Financial Products

It would be foolish to go shopping for a new automobile without understanding the basic difference between a sports car, an SUV, a pickup truck, and a minivan. Yet many people today do go shopping for investment funds without really understanding the categories available to them. This article surveys the investment landscape and looks at what mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, and private-equity funds actually are.


How to Implement an IvyVest Portfolio in Your 401(k)

First things first, if the 401(k) is from a past job, you really should consider rolling it into an IRA. It greatly expands your investment options, makes the process of cloning a model portfolio easier, and in the long run most likely will save...


Here's the Deal on the Infamous "Rollover"

Partly because of the ubiquitous TV commercials from profit-hungry financial institutions eager to tap into the net worth of baby boomers, “rollover” has become one of the few financial buzzwords to enter the mainstream. With Americans changing or...


Tips (not TIPs...) on Re-balancing

It can be a little bit of a pain to figure out exactly what you need to do when it comes time to re-balance a portfolio. There are a couple options.

Option 1

Pull up your portfolio in your discount brokerage account and look for the total current market value of all of your holdings.
Subtract $50 or so in order to build in a little cash buffer to pay for commissions. Plug this number into the portfolio cloning tool and write down the output.
This is the portfolio you want to get too. Now you just have to buy or sell the appropriate number of shares to get there. So for instance, if you have 121 shares of VTI currently and you want to have 98, then you need to sell 23 shares.