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May Newsletter: The AI Revolution

In 1997 the computer "Deep Blue" beat Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in a best-of-seven match, proving machine supremacy over the best human chess player for the first time in history. Deep Blue was the culmination of more than a decade of work...

New Rules

April Newsletter: Taking Stock of Valuations

Stock markets have been noticeably more volatile lately -- but why?

Last month, we examined some possible underlying causes of the recent turbluence in the stock market, focusing on the state of the overall economy. We determined that while there...


March Newsletter Pt 1: The Return of the Gorilla

Writing a newsletter that takes the “rational” approach to investing has its tough moments. Alarmist financial news sells for a reason – it’s novel, it provokes an emotional response, it plays to the cascading waves of fear and greed that all...

New Rules

January Newsletter: Long-term Returns

A foundational principle of IvyVest is that for most investors, there is a "95-5" rule in investing. Put simply: 95% of your results will come from what, to at least most investors, is 5% of your efforts. The 5% that the data proves really...

December Newsletter

December Newsletter: Taking Stock of 2017

As we write this we are counting down the hours left in 2017, which among other things means we are well into the annual season where prognosticators everywhere make mostly-bad predictions about the year ahead. We say mostly-bad because there is...

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November Newsletter: Just What is a Robo-Advisor

Silicon Valley, the epicenter of so-many startups, and the place where I spent most of the last ten years, has a way of speech that takes some getting used to.

In a land where so many big ideas are seemingly constantly swirling, it’s not enough...


October Newsletter: Big Questions

Periodically we have always believed here that is worth stepping out of the here-and-now-- the noisy world of fluctuating markets and tweeting politicians – and consider some of the big questions from a fresh lens. 

None of them is bigger...


August Newsletter: Are Emerging Markets Re-Emerging as Market Leaders?

At IvyVest, we believe in investing in a variety of markets around the world in order to maximize the benefits of diversification. If, for instance, you happen to be living in Japan and the Japanese stock market suffers a twenty-five-year cold...

Roller Coaster

July Newsletter: Cryptocurrency takes off

Bubbles, speculation, fiat currencies, the Federal Reserve, and the nature of money and assets. These and more are some of the tantalizing reasons we couldn’t resist talking about bitcoin way back in 2013 (the last time it was going through a...

Expected Returns

May Newsletter: Whither the rest-of-the-world?

Follow the investing world for a couple decades, and you are sure to notice that at some point ideas seem to flow in and out of favor like prolonged and somewhat erratic seasons. There's a season for worrying about resource shortages, a season...