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Taxes, Trade, and Growth

Usually we like to steer clear of topics that are too “newsish” here. Partly that’s because we have long believed that following the “noise” of the headlines first is a good way to lose money investing. The news media is incentivized to get you to...

March Newsletter

Are we in a bubble yet? Checking in on stock market valuations

As we are writing this, the stock market has backed off a little from its highs and the financial press is again starting to talk about risk being “back.” Nevertheless, over the last six years the U.S. stock market has moved markedly higher. The...

Renewable Energy For Winter 1920x1080

February Newsletter: Re-examining alternative energy

A semi-recurring theme of IvyVest newsletters is the price of energy, which we have written about several times before.

We’re fascinated by the price of energy for two chief reasons. As a raw material in the cost of just about every good produced...


January Newsletter: Predicting questions

Last month we embarked on our annual tradition of "predicting" the key questions that 2017 might answer (rather than their answers, which are yet to be determined). In part 2 of this series, this month we look back at the questions we "predicted"...

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Can President Trump create (economic) regime change?

It's the time of the year the financial press loves to make predictions about the coming year, despite the fact that countless studies show it has no-more-than-random ability to predict much. 

At IvyVest, we have made it a tradition to turn...


November Newsletter: Is Smart Beta a smart idea?

The obvious topic for this newsletter would be the proverbial elephant in the room: the surprising election of Donald Trump and its surprising impact on the US stock market, which initially plummeted only to rapidly regain its footing and go on to...

Seasons Of Investing

October Newsletter

With much of the world's attention this month focused on conspiracy theories, email scandals, and bitter partisian threats, we thought we'd differentiate ourselves by writing about a topic that represents everything the current election is not...


September Newsletter: The Productivity Paradox and Why it Matters to Investors

In George Orwell’s timeless book 1984, “doublethink” is the classic name given to the ability to simultaneously believe two contradictory things, a critical trait needed to psychologically manage the books “Orwellian” times. The actual date 1984...


August Newsletter: Have we reached the saturation point of the indexing strategy?

It's a common aphorism that beginning investors spend most of their time thinking about why they might be right, while world-class investors spend the bulk of theirs imagining why they could be totally wrong. 

Since our approach rests on a...

New Years

June and July Summer Newsletter: Examining Brexit

When the financial markets coin a new term, we feel obliged to at least address it. So it is with "Brexit." 

Like most financial commentators, we expected Britain to, in the end, vote to stay in the EU, so we were surprised when the majority...