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May Newsletter: The World's Most Interesting Asset-Class

The stock market is rallying again, the Fed again seems poised to raise interest rates, China is still teetering on a “hard landing”, and Donald Trump is really the Republican nominee. Those were the headlines that mattered this month. But...

New Rules

April Newsletter: New Rules for Financial Advisors in your Favor (with a slight Catch)

Imagine you have a choice of two S&P 500 Index Funds. Both funds entirely mimick the S&P 500 Index by holding a capitalization-weighted aggregate of all stocks in the benchmark. Before fees, their performance will be exactly the same. The...

March Newsletter

March Newsletter: Strange Times

“We are living in strange times.”

At one level this statement is probably always true, since no one times could possibly resemble the past along every dimension, thereby every time is “strange” in somewhere or another when compared to the...


February Newsletter: The Commodity Markets Just Went Through Their Version of a Depression - Here's What We Can Learn.

One of the best-known investment prognosticators of the last decade was “commodity-bull” Jim Rodgers, who obtained celebrity—like status by consistently predicting a period of rising commodity prices that he called a “commodity supercycle.” ...

New Years

January Newsletter: "Predictions" for 2016

One of my favorite rituals of the new year in the financial world is the rush of fearless (or stupid?) "predictions" that inevitably pop up from the financial press. I enjoy it more for the theater than the substance -- the fact of the matter is...

December Newsletter

December Newsletter: Should You Be Worried About the Fed Rate Hike?

If your investing career is less than nine years old, you are about to witness something momentous for the first time: it is quite likely that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC, a part of the Federal Reserve System) will raise their target...


November Newsletter: Is Indexing on the Decline?

If you had to express the IvyVest approach to investing in three words, they would be: simplicity usually wins. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to index funds, where buying and holding a single security is often an overwhelmingly...

Seasons Of Investing

September/October Newsletter: Productive Musings on the Productivity Puzzle

Careful followers of the IvyVest model have surely by now noticed we have hit an inflection point: after being neutral to slightly overweight in stocks for the past couple years amid strong momentum but rising valuations, the model has responded...

Roller Coaster

August Newsletter: Why You Should Forget (Not Ignore) the Volatility and Buy a House

A Quick Word About the Volatility...

For IvyVesters, volatility like the kind we have seen the last few weeks should not be a source of alarm. But unlike hard-core buy-and-hold investors, we will not simply “ignore” the volatiliy, nor we will we...

Expected Returns

Could the US Be the Next Greece or China?

Whether they admit it or not, most investors today have a single fear that they can't quite shake, no matter how convincing of a story they tell themselves otherwise. What wakes most investors up in the middle of the night in a sweat is the...