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November Members Newsletter: An Obituary for QE

This past week, the US economy took a key step toward finally putting the 2008 financial crisis behind us. The Federal Reserved announced the end of its "quantitative easing" program, a monetary life-support program that resulted in the purchase...

Investing Strategies Of The Rich

Investment Products Formerly Available Only to the Ultra-Rich? I'll Pass

Unless you've had blinders on for the last decade, it should be pretty obvious that there is scope to improve the outcomes that the financial system delivers to regular people.

Many middle and upper-middle-class people (the unfortunate reality is...


How You Could Have Avoided Much of the Volatility

When faced with extraordinary volatility like we have seen in recent days, it can often seem like there is no place for an investor to hide. But that's actually not quite true.

While US stocks are down almost 5% month to date (or at least this...


October Members Newsletter

You may have noticed that we recently launched a new re-balance feature. As a brief recap, here's how it works. First, you can now save your existing portfolio, either by using the cloning tool, or by entering it manually. When you log in (and in...

Dividend Investing

Should You Overweight Dividend Stocks in Your Portfolio?

If there's a financial equivalent of cute kittens, it would have to be dividend stocks. The internet is fascinated with them -- among other things, they dominate the google search rankings for financial terms, inspire countless forums and...


Skill at Investing and Skill at Getting on CNBC to Talk About Investing Have Zero Correlation

Some people like to fire up the Netflix, drink beer, or play video games. When I need to decompress by doing something brainless, my favorite hobby is to scroll the headlines on mainstream news websites.

So it was that I came on the latest gem...


September Newsletter: Protecting a Second Half Lead

Watching some football over the long weekend, I was struck by how much styles of play and strategies adapt to changing game situations.

I've gotten a lot of questions lately about how your investing approach should change as your near and enter...

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Shiller's PE Ratio, and the Misunderstood Math of Future Stock Market Returns

When the stock market history of the 1999-2014 period gets written, a once-obscure valuation ratio will have to feature as one of the big winners of the time.

Fifteen years ago, a mention of the "Shiller PE Ratio" would have driven a blank stare...

Roller Coaster

August Members Newsletter: How Much Should You Be Prepared to Lose?

Last month, we took a data-driven deep dive into how much money you can expect to make over the next ten years from an investment in the stock market. This month, we're going to turn the tables and look at how much you should be prepared to lose,...

Investing Change

A Practical Guide to Implementing a Change in Your Investments

You have $200,000 invested in a high-cost managed strategy with a broker, and you want to take control of your finances and start to invest the low-cost and rational way. Great -- but where do you start?

When making any change in life, my not...