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Skill at Investing and Skill at Getting on CNBC to Talk About Investing Have Zero Correlation

Some people like to fire up the Netflix, drink beer, or play video games. When I need to decompress by doing something brainless, my favorite hobby is to scroll the headlines on mainstream news websites.

So it was that I came on the latest gem...


September Newsletter: Protecting a Second Half Lead

Watching some football over the long weekend, I was struck by how much styles of play and strategies adapt to changing game situations.

I've gotten a lot of questions lately about how your investing approach should change as your near and enter...

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Shiller's PE Ratio, and the Misunderstood Math of Future Stock Market Returns

When the stock market history of the 1999-2014 period gets written, a once-obscure valuation ratio will have to feature as one of the big winners of the time.

Fifteen years ago, a mention of the "Shiller PE Ratio" would have driven a blank stare...

Roller Coaster

August Members Newsletter: How Much Should You Be Prepared to Lose?

Last month, we took a data-driven deep dive into how much money you can expect to make over the next ten years from an investment in the stock market. This month, we're going to turn the tables and look at how much you should be prepared to lose,...

Investing Change

A Practical Guide to Implementing a Change in Your Investments

You have $200,000 invested in a high-cost managed strategy with a broker, and you want to take control of your finances and start to invest the low-cost and rational way. Great -- but where do you start?

When making any change in life, my not...

Expected Returns

July Newsletter: How Much Can You Expect to Make Over the Next 10 Years in the Stock Market?

When you buy a CD, open a new savings account, or purchase a bond, the first thing that you probably want to know is the rate that you are getting. Why? Because the rate tells you what kind of return you can expect on your money.

But when it...

Dollar Cost Averaging

To Dollar-Cost Average or Not? A Data-Driven Guide to Entering an Investment

One of the most difficult parts of investing is taking the initial plunge.

It's scary to suddenly put money that you have spent years accumulating into the markets, where it could lose 10% or more in a month or less. 

Making things worse, no...

Problem With Contrarian Investing

The Illusionary Wisdom of Buying When Things Are at Their Worst

There is a central conflict at the heart of human nature between our hard-wired tendency to fit in with a group ("follow the trend"), and our desire to explain our own actions in a way that makes us seem like unique snowflakes ("march to the beat...


May Newsletter: Are You Better Off Paying Off Debt, Or Investing?

One of the more common questions I get asked is whether it is better to pay off debt early, or to invest in the stock market (or a diversified balanced portfolio like the IvyVest strategy).

This is a great question that impacts anyone with...