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Sell Everything and Buy Bitcoin? The IvyVest Newsletter, Turkey Hangover Edition

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Expectations (at least for those not tasked with cooking the turkey) are delightfully low, there is no gifting required, and there are ample amounts of food and football present. 

In between...

Seasons Of Investing

October Newsletter: The Seasons of Investing

In This Issue

  • This Month's Letter From Alex
  • Beginner's Corner: All About Dividends
  • Model Updates
  • Performance Review

This Month's Letter From Alex

Seasons have been on my mind a lot lately. Perhaps it's because it's Halloween time and I am...


How to Analyze a Fund or ETF

You're just starting to get into investing now and have some old "legacy" mutual funds sitting in your account from way back when. What should you do with them?

Your mother calls and asks you whether she should keep the mutual fund that she owns...


Introducing the IvyVest Dynamic ETF Strategy

“I have $60,000 that has been building up in my checking account. What should I do with it?”

At its essence, that is the $60,000 question that we built the IvyVest premium service to answer. At the start, we set one rule: our "answer" was not...

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Here's Where You Might Be Defying Common Sense With Your Investments

If you were looking to buy a new car, would you consider it rational to ignore price and base your decision entirely on horsepower?

Most people who don't have Bill-Gates levels of wealth would probably say no. Even if you can afford a more...


September Newsletter: Where We Stand in the Markets on the Eve of the Shutdown

In This Issue

  • An Update On Where We Stand in the Markets On The Eve of the Government Shutdown.
  • Beginner’s Corner: The PE Ratio - What’s It’s Good For, How You Should Use It, and How to Make It Even Better.
  • Shedding Some Light on Some Changes to...
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When Active Investing Beats Passive Investing

Do you want to be an active investor, or a passive investor? It's an elementary question that anyone getting started with investing has to be able to answer. 

But what does it really mean to invest "actively" or "passively," and is there such...

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The Age of the Mutual Fund is Over

For the past forty years, if you wanted to buy a diversified portfolio for retirement, your search pretty much started and ended with a mutual fund.

From 1975 to 2007, the total assets in mutual funds increased from $37.5 billion to $6.4 trillion,...

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Why You Might Want to Think Twice About "Buying and Holding" Government Bonds

When I was looking for my first investment-management job, one of the popular interview questions at the time was “Where would you invest your grandmother’s money?” This was a way to weed out those that had no idea what they were doing. Anyone...