Portfolio Management

Getting an optimally diversified ETF portfolio set up is only half the investing battle. The other half is maintaining it over time. Luckily, this can be done effectively in only a few hours if you know what you are doing.

Two of the most important ongoing portfolio maintenance issues are rebalancing and tax management. This tutorial will look at both.


How to Analyze a Fund or ETF

You're just starting to get into investing now and have some old "legacy" mutual funds sitting in your account from way back when. What should you do with them?

Your mother calls and asks you whether she should keep the mutual fund that she owns...

Portfolio Rebalancing

You've Selected A Great Portfolio - Now What? Best Practices for Rebalancing

By now you probably know that setting your portfolio's asset allocation is the most essential act you will perform as an investor.  What you might not have thought about is that after laying a perfect plan and figuring out all the numbers to...


How to Legally Reduce Your Tax Bill with Tax-Loss Harvesting

Investing in a tax deferred account is always optimal, but it's not always possible. There's only so much money you can put into them every year, and even if you aren't maxing out your IRA and 401(k), it usually makes sense to have open an account...